Many artists struggle to find their artistic "voice", laboriously trying on different styles to find what fits. Others begin their journey innately knowing their identity and what they wish to communicate. In her newest series of paintings, Glenda Stone has established her heartfelt command of color, design and positive spirit.

A Nebraska native who grew up in Omaha, Glenda has been surrounded by craftsmen and artists since birth. Given a free moment she has always preferred to work with her hands, creating something that she and others could enjoy.

"I seem to eat, sleep and dream art. It’s a rare moment when I’m not contemplating my next painting or wearable art design. My mother used to tell me that I would wear out my hands, but thank goodness that hasn’t happened!"

Since her college years at UNO and UNL, Glenda has worked in several styles and mediums. The creative process has seen her paintings evolve from photo realism to a mix of realism and a more painterly and expressive statement. By incorporating feathers and found objects, the viewer is able to bring their own interpretation and memories to her visual story.

"As time passes, I hope to share what I see as my spiritual journey through the Nebraska landscape."

Glenda Stone