I am a native Nebraskan, living and working in Omaha.  I hold undergraduate degrees in Fine Arts (thesis work in ceramics) and K-12 Education.  I have also earned a Masters Degree in Management.  I have taught all areas of art in a school setting, as well as, a recreational setting and worked for the Omaha Parks & Recreation Department for 27 years, retiring in 2007 to devote my efforts to my art.


Over the years I have worked in a variety of media but have finally "found my soul" in fused glass.  As in the Modern Style of Architecture I have chosen to base my glass designs on shape and color.  As a modernist designer I choose to stay away from decorative elements, preferring to emphasize geometric shapes, placing a strong emphasis on simplicity and clarity of form.


Glass Fusion is a process using colored sheets of glass, time, and temperature.  Each item is hand cut, assembled and fired to around 1600 degrees.  This allows the sheets of colored glass to melt into each other or “fuse”.  They are then slowly cooled to prevent breakage.  This process takes about 10 hours after which each piece is hand sanded.  Plates and bowls undergo an additional firing to around 1300 degrees in order to "slump" them into a desired shape.


In the fall of 2010 I rediscovered my paint brush and have been exploring how my many years working with glass and clay translate to acrylic painting.  I am still true to my geometric shapes and generally use an earth tone palate but add lots of texture and color hues hidden within each finished piece.  I also work in gold leaf.  My paintings are on canvas, watercolor paper mounted on canvas, and wood panels.  Sizes vary from small framed accent pieces to large 30” x 40” canvases.


My home studio is open by appointment and custom orders are always welcome.


My work can currently be found at the following locations:

 Old Market Artists Gallery Omaha, NE

 Joslyn Art Museum  Omaha, NE

 Durham Museum   Omaha, NE

 Corning Art Center   Corning, IA


fused glass by

Margaret (Peg) Watkins

(402) 553-3924



Peg Watkins